We’re Back

Poor neglected blog page! The lab is bustling!

1620531_10204546420236421_3261568282529368030_nSome big news: We’ve been funded by NSF to pursue a project on the biomechanical and evolutionary patterns underlying the origins of avian cranial kinesis. We’ll be developing a series of 3D computational, morphometric, and visualization tools to better understand the relationships between muscle forces, joint shape, loading, feeding function and cranial evolution along the line to birds. We’re collaborating with Kevin Middleton (Mizzou), Larry Witmer (Ohio University) and Julian Davis (University of Southern Indiana).

We’ve got 5 presentations at SICB 2015 in lovely West Palm Beach: sicb2_01

The Functional and Evolutionary Significance of the Crocodyliform Pterygomandibular Joint HOLLIDAY, CM*; SELLERS , KC; VICKARYOUS, MK; ROSS, CF; PORRO, LB; WITMER, LM; DAVIS, JL; University of Missouri; University of Missouri; University of Guelph; University of Chicago; Bristol University; Ohio University; University of Southern Indiana

More than one way to be a giant: convergence and disparity in saurischian dinosaur hip joints during body size evolution TSAI, H.P.*; MIDDLETON, K.M.; HOLLIDAY, C.M.; University of Missouri; University of Missouri; University of Missouri

Material properties of the mandibular symphysis in Alligator mississippiensis SMOLINSKY, AN*; MIDDLETON, KM; PFEIFFER, F; HOLLIDAY, CM; University of Missouri; University of Missouri; University of Missouri; University of Missouri

Ontogeny and complexity of the mandibular symphysis of crocodylians. JACOBY, MJ*; GANT, CA; SELLERS, KC; HOLLIDAY, CM;  University of Missouri-Columbia

Estimates of Three-Dimensional Cranial Joint Forces in the American Alligator SELLERS, KC*; DAVIS, JL; MONGALO, M; JACOBY, MJ; HOLLIDAY, CM; Univ. of Missouri; Univ. of Southern Indiana; Univ. of Missouri; Univ. of Missouri; Univ. of Missouri


Stay tuned for updates on a search for a postdoc and more.

About Casey

I am an Associate Professor of Anatomy at University of Missouri-Columbia. I teach Anatomy for the Medical School. I conduct research on the evolutionary morphology of vertebrates, particularly the structure, function, and evolution of the feeding apparatus. Much of this involves studying the biology of bone, cartilage and muscle. of dinosaurs and fossil crocs. I have a great job.
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