Dinosaurs & Cavemen Science Expo 2018 #DCSE18

2018 Dinosaurs&Cavemen Flyer

Dinosaurs and Cavemen Science Expo is a day of exciting activities for kids and adults. You get to investigate dinosaur biology, discover human origins, promote conservation and explore your own body. People come from all over to have a great time meeting scientists from Anatomy, Geology, Anthropology, Fisheries & Wildlife, and Veterinary Medicine.

FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/342777719462849/

MU SOM news: http://bit.ly/2H60xue


Our Sponsors include the National Science Foundation (NSF IOS 1457319), the Columbia Public Schools Planetarium, Rock Bridge High School, and MU School of Medicine. Other partners include the MU Departments of Geology, Anthropology, and School of Natural Resources as well as Raptor Rehab, The St. Louis Science Center, Washington University at St. Louis and the Saturday Morning Science.

2018 brings Guest Speaker Paleosculptor Gary Staab! from StaabStudios. Thanks to Saturday Morning Science for help!

For more information, visit University of Missouri’s Integrative Anatomy program: http://anatomy.missouri.edu/.

Be sure to check out the Columbia Public School’s Planetarium site to reserve tickets to shows while you visit. http://cpsplanetarium.org/.

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