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Calls of the Wild

By: Ally McEntire The calls of the baby gator in the Holliday lab got me thinking about alligator vocalizations. On a whim, I decided to look this up and found a little more than I had bargained for. Alligators and … Continue reading

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Reaching Out for Science

What is it that scientists do all day while they are watching their shrimp walk on a treadmill?  How do scientists know how Tyrannosaurus may have chewed or ran? How do they know if a molecule will work as a … Continue reading

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Ruminations on sauropsid cheeks

I noticed some FB flareup over dinosaur cheeks and had written all this in the box Facebook page and then decided it would be ludicrous to post so I moved it here…Apparently, dinosaur cheeks have become all the rage again in … Continue reading

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SVP 2011 Report- Education & Outreach Poster

Yes, it’s been over a month since SVP met in Las Vegas. Shoot, I never blogged about my Argentina trip either. I’m so behind. I flew out during the day from Memphis, and being a clear day, I was able … Continue reading

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We’re still here. I’ve been struggling with my own writer’s block while trying to make progress on grants and other projects. I’ve found that I really enjoy editing/fixing other’s papers (not reviewing professionally perse) more than initiating my own–So, send … Continue reading

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Inside Alligators-anatomy and public outreach

This past February 12, the Holliday Lab participated in a fairly substantial day of activities. First, strike that…First, to prepare for the 12th, Henry Tsai and I beat a blizzard home by 15min (really!-a drive of legend) with a truck … Continue reading

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Visit to Texas Memorial Museum

There have been lots of things going on lately, drawing my attention away from updating the blog.  Stay tuned, we’ve got some pretty cool projects in the pipeline. Last week I visited the Texas Memorial Museum in Austin, Texas. There, … Continue reading

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In memorium: Wolff

I recently got an alumni postcard from UF’s Zoology Department. The back had  an obituary for Ron Wolff, their Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy professor for the past 3 decades. It’s a bummer. I had him for CVA as well as an … Continue reading

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Toxic rejection

We had a paper rejected on the 2nd review this past week. Some of the comments were ok and fixable. But the main logic the editor used to reject the paper was that our paper dealt with Toxicology, not necessarily … Continue reading

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My Day

When she was 1 or 2, my daughter would get a slip of paper from preschool called “My Day”. The teacher would document what kind of day she had, if she ate well, went to the potty etc. I wanted … Continue reading

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