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I am an Associate Professor of Anatomy at University of Missouri-Columbia. I teach Anatomy for the Medical School. I conduct research on the evolutionary morphology of vertebrates, particularly the structure, function, and evolution of the feeding apparatus. Much of this involves studying the biology of bone, cartilage and muscle. of dinosaurs and fossil crocs. I have a great job.

Dinosaurs & Cavemen Public Event

Saturday March 9th, a brigade of University of Missouri undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty will be at the local high school planetarium to provide an afternoon of discovery and excitement open to the general public. Come by, bring your families, … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Archosauriform Symphyses

Two years ago, I was invited to present in the Basal Archosaur symposium at the Latin American Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology in San Juan, Argentina. Holy cow do they know how to put on a good conference.  This symposium has … Continue reading

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Transactions of the Royal Sounds of SVP

Yes, the seats squeaked upon sitting on them at this year’s Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting. During talks, most people sought to avoid the chirping by gently sliding laterally onto the cushion. But at the banquet, every applause was followed … Continue reading

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Calls of the Wild

By: Ally McEntire The calls of the baby gator in the Holliday lab got me thinking about alligator vocalizations. On a whim, I decided to look this up and found a little more than I had bargained for. Alligators and … Continue reading

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Reaching Out for Science

What is it that scientists do all day while they are watching their shrimp walk on a treadmill?  How do scientists know how Tyrannosaurus may have chewed or ran? How do they know if a molecule will work as a … Continue reading

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Ruminations on sauropsid cheeks

I noticed some FB flareup over dinosaur cheeks and had written all this in the box Facebook page and then decided it would be ludicrous to post so I moved it here…Apparently, dinosaur cheeks have become all the rage again in … Continue reading

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Travels to Rockefeller State Refuge

Rockefeller State Refuge is an expansive area of the western end of Louisiana’s swampy coast which prides itself as being one of the key DNR sites to aid in the rescue of American Alligators when they were endangered several decades … Continue reading

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Cartilage Fusion in Gator Chins

Summer in the Holliday Lab is getting exciting. A busy Spring has resulted in a couple new projects coming out later in the Fall (more later) but we’re deep in new directions in the lab including our first stint into … Continue reading

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SVP 2011 Report- Education & Outreach Poster

Yes, it’s been over a month since SVP met in Las Vegas. Shoot, I never blogged about my Argentina trip either. I’m so behind. I flew out during the day from Memphis, and being a clear day, I was able … Continue reading

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Alligator Sesamoid Anatomy

We are happy to present a new project authored by Henry P. Tsai and myself entitled “Ontogeny of the Alligator Cartilago Transiliens and Its Significance for Sauropsid Jaw Muscle Evolution” which is out in PLoS ONE this week. The link … Continue reading

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